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Over the years we’ve amassed a collection of curated, tried-and-true props that bring food photography to life. To share this magic, our prop collection is available for rent in Vancouver, British Columbia. We have hundreds of items and are always adding to our collection of surfaces & backdrops, ceramics, plates, bowls, mugs, utensils, linens, boards, and so much more. All items are lovingly hand-picked by us, many are one of a kind.

How it works

Props can be rented a la carte - or as part of a prop styling package.

For a la carte rentals, please browse our rental collection online. Here we’ve featured a selection of our inventory, made available for rent on a per-item basis. When you’ve made your selections, please e-mail us to request the items for your specified dates. Our inventory is constantly rotating, so one of our team members will check on the items’ availability prior to confirming your request. New clients will need to set up an account prior to rentals taking place.

For larger projects or shoots requiring prop styling services, please enquire. A prop stylist can support your creative vision, by doing all the pre-work of identifying, sourcing, and delivering props to set before the shoot. The prop stylist can also provide on-site styling support on shoot day(s), if needed. We know a thing or two about sourcing props. If you’re looking for specific items, we can help you hunt them down. Many of our projects utilize a mix of custom-sourced props, as well as props from our rental collection. Whatever your vision is, we’ll help make it happen.

Props are rented on a minimum one week (7-day) basis. Rentals can be extended for additional days, on a pro-rated basis. There is a rental minimum of $50 per order. If any other questions, or to learn more about rental terms & conditions, please shoot us an e-mail at abcreativeservicesinc(at)

A la carte rental collection:

A subset of AB Creative’s prop collection is made available for a la carte rentals. Please see selection below. For larger projects requiring specialty items or access to AB Creative’s more extensive prop inventory, please contact directly.


Surfaces & Backdrops:


Plates & Serving Platters:

Bowls, Serving Bowls, Pinch & Ingredient Bowls:

Cups, Mugs, Glasses:

Other Props: